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Queer'in Beijing 是由Q-space发起的一月一期(中/英文)酷儿经历分享项目,



Queer'in Beijing is a monthly (Ch/En) storytelling project organized by Q-space,

we believe individual stories and history have value to share, especially within the community,

which bounds us together as a big voice.

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Q-Space is a grassroots, non-profit, community maker space who believe that embracing diversity is the key to solving social issues. Our vision is of a future where all people, no matter who they are, have access to the tools and resources to be able to create the change they would like to see in the world. Our space is open and embracing, a space focused on mindful learning, creating bridges through inclusive discussion and com-munity building to share knowledge and skills. We focus particularly on the empowerment of women and the LGBTQ+ populations. We believe that radical inclusion is key for radical change, and welcome anyone to be part of our community without any need to label themselves.